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Date: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at 03:52pm

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Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization(seo)

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Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization(seo) Posted by Nollyrex(m): 12:09pm On 10 Oct 2017
Since traffic is the main target of every blogger, you as a blogger have to learn how to do search engine optimization on your blog to improve page views.

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization which and that can be identified as bedrock of any blogger success in blogging. Bloggers through SEO do get most of their organic traffic and page views from the search engine. The search engine is the number one source of organic traffic that every blog or website needs. It is more advantageous to a blogger to get ranked high in Google search than being paralyzed. When an online researcher is making a finding online and types a keyword on the Google search engine, all ranked and indexed websites with the typed keyword will emerge. Some on first page, second page and so on, while some will not appear at all despite that they have the keyword. Let us find out how to do search engine optimization considering some of the factors that aid your post or blog to get ranked :


The most important thing is originality, quality and uniqueness of your content or post. This is because Google will not bother to crawl your content if plagiarised let alone getting it ranked. That is why some will have keyword that a researcher types into Google search on their blog but their blog will not appear on the result.


This is the first place where the keyword that your post is all about will appear. In order to make it effective, let your post title be 50 to 60 characters including spaces and ensure that all the keywords appear first in the title before other thing.


Keywords are keys through which your contents will be reached. They are going to fetch your posts to appear on Google search results. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to find rated keywords around which you create contents.


These are what will appear below your content title in the search result as description for your the post content. Create attractive meta tags for each of your content. Visitors are going to be convinced to click on your content by the description.


Ensure that you upload posts often. It is good to upload at least twice in a week or daily.

The above discussed strategies are important keys if you are trying to get how to do search engine optimization on blogger post.


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