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Date: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at 03:51pm

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Check The Less Competitive Blogging Niches

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Check The Less Competitive Blogging Niches Posted by Nollyrex(m): 12:29pm On 10 Oct 2017
Blogging niche is highly essential for everyone who wants to start blogging to consider. In doing so, it will be of benefit if a new blogger - starter puts into consideration a profitable niche before starting the decision.
If you look around you deeply into sphere of bloggers, you will discover that so many niches are common which means they are competitive.

For instance, Entertainment blogs, Tech blogs, News blogs and some others are competitive in Nigeria.

Whereas, there are some profitable niches that bloggers can go for which are less competitive compared to the aforementioned ones.

You won't believe that there are some interesting things that readers are searching online for. Though, they find those things but few bloggers pay attention to it. Which implies that it is only those who have what the readers are searching that are benefiting from it.

Without too much stress, you can supersede them if you can provide better contents with detailed information that Google will consider useful to be ranked in Google search first page. Through that, huge traffic will be generated to your blog.

Do you agree with this?

Anyway, maybe you are expecting me to list some of them for you before you can decide to agree or disagree.

Continue reading but don't forget to let me know your opinion about this after reading. You can also suggest more.

I have only 4 for you. Let's check on them.

1. Real Estate

Considering the huge popularity of blogging if note is taken, it will be advantageous if you join few bloggers under this niche by also venturing into real estate blogging as it can be included as one of the profitable niches with low competitive in Nigeria.

Many real estate professionals think that blogging on this is just waste of their precious time therefore shy away from it.

Though, it is not advisable for anyone to start blogging when the person knows that he or she won't have enough time to create useful contents. So, don’t start a blog unless you’re ready to spend the time necessary to post from time to time.

You can even make yourself as the local real estate expert by posting often about the transaction process and local market trends and through that, you get additional income into your bank.

It’s an additional way real estate agents can provide additional information to their clients.

You can turn your blog to a source of income when you stage properties and attract buyers from your blog which makes it clear that your chance of getting rich from this niche is high. As you can see, your sources of income may not be limited to advertisements placements that can be gotten from Google or other alternatives.

2. Photography

Looking at it from direct angle, photography is a wonderful niche that receives attentions from very few bloggers.

Though it is a chance presenting itself to you. Since you are going to be among forerunners on the platform.

Do you ask what you are going to post under the platform?

Wait, it is simple.

First of all, you can decide discharge a photo contest on your blog. Make available some tutorials and styles while taking photos. In fact, people will love to get styles that they can use to take pictures.

Surprisingly, companies may come across of your blog and find it attractive and decide to hire you because your blog is just a proof and your greatest and latest work of your capabilities.

Don't you agree?

That is not all about photography, let us look at from photo editing aspect. If you can manipulate tools in Photoshop effectively. Honestly, you are going to see it as a discovered hot cake.

I personally went online sometimes ago to find some hints on this kind of tutorial -photos editing.

Do I hear you ask what I want to do with it?

I went online because I took a picture and I love the picture but unfortunately, its background was irritating. So I wanted to change the background. Some will say changing of photo background is unprofessional.

For your information, some readers need this kind of information. Not only background changing but also photo retouching, colour changing, putting photo into word art, 3D text making and so on.

If you venture into this, I can assure you that you are going to get a lot of readers from search engine. To get more readers and admirers, share your photo contents on social media like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on.

3. Baby Upbringings

We are grew under our parents cares and that trends keeps extending to others around the world. Many have acquired knowledge about child development even before they meet real experience - becoming parents. For instance, some go to tertiary institutions to study early childhood accompanied by psychology.

If you are among those people that have this kind of knowledge, you need no one to give topics that you can write on. Choose meaningful topics and have good contents written. This niche is not only untapped in Nigeria, but it worth millions of dollars out there.

There are parents numbered millions all around the world who are looking for the best for their children also investing on a regular basis. What if you suggested baby products and it was so awesome, don’t you think most parents will demand it? Don't look down on this. You can turn your blog to baby blog and give suggestions, advice, and can affiliate with companies and market baby products like:

Food, apparel, foot wear, Toys, Health and personal care and so on, while you will earn commission on each product sold through you.

These things I’ve alone,parents do invest on them heavily. And come to think of it, there are millions of babies today and a lot of parents to take care of them.

4. Subject Tutorial

I think this is crystal clear to you. Subject tutorial has to do with delivering lessons online on your favourite subject. If you are good in Literature, English, Government, Christian Religious Study or Islamic Religious Study, Mathematics, Physics, Biology or in university courses like Contemporary English Usage, Phonetic and Phonology, Oral Literature, Creative Writing, Psychology, Physical Education, Sociology, Applied Linguistics, Spoke English, to mention but a few. As you are writing for people to learn, you will continue learning. Then, you get traffic to your blog.

If you are good enough that a lot of people learn from your blog, you can be hired to share your knowledge. Not only that, it will be added to your credit as an educationists.

Remember that your purpose for creating the blog remains intact. If you have enough traffic and have advertisements alive on your blog, you will earn money.

Do you now agree with me now that these are wonderful and less competitive niches that you can blog on?

Apart from the four niches I talked about, the following can also be of help:

- Text messages blog

- Love letters blog

- Diet and nutrition bblog

- Food preparation blog

- Health and fitness

These are less competitive if compared to Entertainment, Films download, Tech blogs and so on.

How will you make your blog well known?

First of all, you must have a lot good and useful contents on your blog that Google can easy crawl and have them indexed.

You should go ahead to share your contents on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and others.

You can also join some forums where you share your contents free. Search online to discover some of the free forums that allow links to be share.

Do you like this? Good, Join our forum to get more......


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