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Date: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at 03:55pm

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How To Make Money Online As A Good Writer

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How To Make Money Online As A Good Writer Posted by Nollyrex(m): 12:49pm On 10 Oct 2017
Do you like and enjoy writing? You have discovered that you have writing skills and abilities in you. I welcome you here because this a content for you.
To make better use of this opportunity that's presenting itself to you today is to read this to the last word.

Many people do think on what to do to earn comfortable living from what they love doing.

Do you understand?

Let us look at it from this side. Look around you and your environment to check what has been source of living for some set of people. Let your mind be opened to this - a lot of people have been top wealthy and this can be credited to what their society can regard as talent.

Yes, that can be explained as what they love doing. Have you seen someone who love singing and has been earning much from it? What of those who love dancing, drumming, music writing, drama writing, and so on. In fact, some love the internet exploration and through that become blogger.

Do you agree that all the people in such favorable situation took time to discover what they love and enjoy doing which they later turn to source of living? At times, when I am watching video music on TV or on my personal computer, I do feel like discovering myself too as those artists have done. But a little determination can't take anybody to anywhere but full determination to reach the goal.

This is your chance too if you like writing and it is advisable that you claim the chance. The first thing to do to claim the chance is to read this post until you digest the last word. Keep reading. Having a writing skill is one among talents that liberate fertile human beings and you have to find out the best ways to make money from your writing skill. Since you are here, I can assure that you find the ways here.

How exactly can you make money with the from your intellectual knowledge of writing? Here are five ways that that will be of help:

Freelance Writing

You may have heard about this before and think of it as an impossible way of making money. I can convince you that your success in freelance writing solely depends on your hard work. If you try harder, you will get what you want.

In freelance writing career, you will need to try your skills in different types of writing; you may get on the race from slogans writing and advertisement texts and later move to articles writing for websites or newspapers.

This may sound weird but it is not. You can check some online newspapers on the internet and go ahead to check their contact us pages to find out how their Editor can be reached. Mail them that you wish to write for.

Additionally, what is even more interesting is that freelancing also assists you in building a strong portfolio that contains not only a few blog posts but other examples of writing in the same way.

I agree that freelance writing is unsteady, especially at first, when you don’t have a steady client base. However, you don’t have to work for too long time before you start making more money that you want. If you have enough convinced them with your writing skills, receive good feedback and have a diverse portfolio that demonstrates strong writing skills, you will be able to begin demanding payments from them for your writing very quickly.

Start Your Own Blog

When we are talking about independent blogger, many people around the world have attained that prestigious level. They have enough skills to write plagiarised free articles themselves without contacting anyone for anything. I think that is what you are talking about. Right?

Don't you say you can write independently a lot of articles that can be uploaded on newspapers, magazines and blogs?

So, why can't you create your own blog? You should not think that blog creation is difficult. Let me remind you that Google has made blog creation easy for anyone. On you have a gmail account, you can have a blog. Very soon, I will teach you how to create a blog in details but for now, let me highlight it.

How to create a blog or You can click Bloggers Den in this Forum Category

First of all, you must have active Gmail account but don't panic if you don't have any because you can always create one for free.

Go to Blogspot and sign in with your gmail account.

What will first appear is an option to use the identity from your Google Plus profile, seconds by limited BlogSpot profile. It is advisable that you use your Google Plus profile.

Once you are successfully logged into blogger, click on “new blog”.

Then input a name for your blog for instance NOLLYREXBLOG and put domain as well. You should let your domain or address looks the same as the blog title. At end of it, your blog domain or address will be as you put it.

After the title and address, select a template of your choice and hit "Create blog".

Now, your blog is alive and you can start posting your contents and articles. In the dashboard of the your blogger account, you will see all what you guys need.

How to earn money from your blog

Having created an attractive blog with enough plagiarised free articles, you can apply for Google AdSense. When you are approved, ads will start displaying on your blog. You can always control the ads because you are the one to locate particular places where you want your ads to display. You will earn when readers click on any of these ads.

Another thing is that you can advertise for companies on your blog. It is possible to have a lot of people or companies that will ask you to make their products and services known to the general public through your blog. If you are not a Santa clause from Rome, you should charge them.

You can help musicians to promote their songs on payments. That is if your blog is an entertainment blog which has become popular.

Guest posts can be directed to your blog from anybody. Many popular blogs accept guest posts without charging the guest posts forwarders only if the content is meaningful, valuable and beneficial for their amiable readers. While some others, however, charge money for the guest posts that those people are not charging for, and the amount of money they charge depends directly on how popular their blogs are. You can also accept paid posts if the regular readers of your blog is quite big and impressive.

In addition, after you have successfully built up your massive audience to regular readers, you can start selling your own products. Let us assume that you package a valuable content as ebooks as a good writer.

With that two ways, I believe you can get a lot of things done if you are determined to succeed online. Try it out.


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