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Lists Of Best Adsense Alternative

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Lists Of Best Adsense Alternative Posted by Nollyrex(m): 02:46pm On 11 Nov 2017
Are you banned from Google AdSense for any reason? No need to worry about that, various AdSense alternatives for publishers are available in the web. You can apply for any program discussed below and continue monetizing your online content.

Most of the programs are in some way better than AdSense, for example Payment is simple and hassle free through PayPal unlike the Payment processing through Checks in AdSense for most of the countries.

Even if you are not banned from AdSense, it is a wise idea to widen your online income from various sources instead of only relying on AdSense. More over you can also combine any of these additional programs in your website along with AdSense ads to increase your revenue multifold. The only rule is that the other ads should not look like AdSense ads. For example you can combine Infolinks inline ads in your content along with AdSense ads. This is identified as one of the best AdSense combination for high revenue. But you should deactivate Related Tag ads in Infolinks which is similar to AdSense Link units Ads.

There are many AdSense alternatives available for publishers and in each category there are plenty of opportunities to make money. Below are the most popular AdSense Alternative Programs in terms of usage and Payment processing.
Contextual Ads

Bidvertiser: Display BidVertiser ads on your website or blog and get paid for every click. However, the ad pool seems to be limited with rotation of same ads. The minimum payout is $10 paid through PayPal account.
Clicksor: One of the best Google AdSense alternative program offers webmasters to display contextual ads on their website. More than 10 ad formats are available including Inline Text Links, Text banners, Graphical banners and Pop-unders ads. Up to 85% of the advertiser’s payment is shared with publishers and 10% commission on referral program. Minimum Payment Amount is $50 through PayPal or Check and very prompt with payments. However, they do have some joining restriction like 5,000 page views per day or 150000 page views per month.

Inline Ads

InfoLinks: In-Text advertising network displays ads for the keywords which are part of you content. The keywords in your content are highlighted and double underlined. An ad link will pop-up when user moves the mouse over the keyword and you will be paid every time the user clicks on the ad link. This is great for generating additional revenue source without compromising on your ad space and they also are known for high revenue share with publishers. Infolinks also offers in-search, in-tag and in-frame ads in addition to in-text ads.

Inline advertising is also provided by Ad Networks like Clicksor and Kontera
Ad Widgets

Chitika: The creator of the very popular eMini Malls, Chitika was the first true alternative to Google AdSense. Now they sell a new innovative ad product “Search Targeted Advertising” which basically help you monetize your search engine traffic without displacing your other ad incomes. Chitika replaced Yahoo! Publisher Network advertising after a partnership with Yahoo!

CPM Networks

Value Click Media: One of the best CPM network with the highest payouts. This is a NASDAQ listed company with the symbol VCLK making it more reliable for the publishers. Offers various ad formats including banners and pop-under ads.
Voxant Newsroom: One of the most productive CPM ad network. You can earn $0.50 CPM for auto playing video feeds and $3.50 for other video feeds. The video feeds can be embedded easily and also helps to retain visitors in your site. Publishers are only paid by Paypal with no minimum cap for a particular month. The disadvantage is that only U.S. traffic is taken into consideration hence this program is more suitable for publishers in U.S.
Tribal Fusion: One of the top CPM advertising network with minimum payout of $50 through Check. However, only sites with a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month are eligible for application.

Paid Blogging

Pay Per Post: A paid blogging network that pays for reviewing an advertiser’s products and services. One can earn an average of $ 10 for each paid review and $20 for the first opportunity after sign up. A publisher’s blog needs to be at least one month old.
Sponsored Reviews: An online marketplace where publishers can bid for writing a review for an opportunity. Great transparency and 65% payouts.
Review Me: A marketplace much suited for bigger blogger having a good capacity in content reviewing. Basically your site will be added in the marketplace once approved and advertisers will pay you to post reviews of their products on your site. There is no minimum payment for PayPal.

Affiliate Networks

Click Bank: Largest affiliate marketplace for digital products. Affiliate share as high as 75% on products.

Static Link Ads

Text Link Ads: This is one of the largest text link services offer static html link advertisements. The advantage of static link ads is that the advertiser will not only get the targeted traffic but also get high search engine ranking since their links will be more popular from text link ads. Here you can sell simple, relevant text ads on your website and get it paid through PayPal with no minimum.

The real problem with Text Link Ads is that they provide PHP ad code hence you need to modify your root directory if you are using .html pages. If you are using shared hosting services then you may need to request the hosting provider to modify the root directory which is not feasible with many of the service providers.

Other Advertising Networks

Advertise Your Game (AYG): Best suited for entertainment niche sites. Display Gaming Ads and pay on a CPC basis. One of the better preforming Ad Networks on our gaming and video sites.

CPMStar: Online advertising network devoted to gamers. Works best on entertainment niche sites like videos, photos and other themes. Some time back they were an exclusive network, but now they are more open to accept smaller publishers.

Adversal: Popup advertising network paying upto $ 1.20 eCPM.

InfinityAds: Offers Pop-Under and Pop-Up ads and pay you for every thousand impressions of ads displayed on your website or blog. The advantage of this ad network is that every type of sites are allowed and sites are automatically approved once you submitted. The average payment rate according to their website is $1.80 per thousand impressions and the minimum payout is $5 through PayPal, Check or Wired Transfer.

AdBrite which was considered as one of the best AdSense alternative closed its website and ceases operation. This clearly indicates site owners should not rely on sole advertising income from one source.


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