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Mobile/Pc tricks / Re: 4 Best Screen Recording Apps For Andriod by Nollyrex(m): 01:26am On 5 May
Nollyrex: The issue of screen recording your android is quite essential and it comes in handy when you want to create a video tutorial. Today I will be listing out the 4 best recording app that does not require a rooted android device.

1. AZ screen recorder: As screen recorder is a great tool for recording videos in android phones and tablet.AZ Screen Recorder's interface is simple and elegant. When you start it, you'll find four icons in the center of the screen that enables yoi to start recording, to adjust app settings, to access the folder with your recorded videos, and to exit. From its settings, you can choose the video output quality or see interactions with the screen done during the recording. Also the app does not require a rooted device. No watermark no time limit. Supported for android 5.0

2. Free screen recorder: Free screen recorder is a tool that allows you to record everything that is happening in your android. All of the gestures that you make on the screen will also be recorded, and once you're done recording the video you can quickly share it on YouTube or any other app that you have installed. It also does not require a rooted phone.

3. SCR pro 2: SCR pro 2 is an app that let's you record everything in your android device. You can choose from several resolution options, different encoder types, and of course, different sound sources.SCR Pro 2 is very easy to use. If you Push the button once, you'll start recording, and then you just need to shut down the screen (with the device's button) to stop recording. The file will be stored in a folder that you can select using the setup options. In these options you can also find some other interesting actions, like the possibility of showing when you touch the screen. The app requires a rooted phone.This tool has the option of delayed startup, too, so you can set up when and how to begin recording to avoid saving something you don't want included. Ending the recording is very simple: just shake the device or lock the screen.

4. Screen recorder:Screen recorder is a useful app that let's you record all the activities of your android. There is no recording limit. With screen recorder,you can create video clips of everything you want. You can even make custom files, such as tutorials or GIFs, all with just one tap of the screen. It requires Root device for android 4.4
This is Amazing...

What to Know / Re: Amazing Shocking Facts About Water by Nollyrex(m): 01:20am On 5 May
No.2 seems not true for me
because i cant live for two days without water


What to Know / The Secrets Behind Great Wall - China by Nollyrex(m): 02:47pm On 5 May
The Great Wall of China is a verge of fortifications of stone, wood, wood, and other materials, built along an east-west line across China’s border histories to protect Chinese lands and empires against the empires and conquests of groups of different nomads of Eurasian Steppes.

Several walls were being built since the 7th century. these, later joined and became bigger and stronger, are collectively referred to as the Great Wall. Particularly famous was built-in the years 220-206 by Qin Shi Huang, China’s first emissary.

Few of this wall remains. The Great Wall is rebuilt, preserved and extended over various dynasties, Much of the existence of the wall is from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). but there have been many events during its construction and many different facts that you will really be surprised to learn, below are some of the most important ones.

1.The official length is 21.196.18km

2.In december 1987 the Great Wall was placed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO

3.The Great Wall is about 2700 years old.

4.More Than 1.500.000 workers were recruited for the construction. attracts 55 million visitor every year.

6. It can be seen from the space.

7.The Great Wall of China has been called the ‘longest cemetery on Earth’ over 2 million people died building the Wall.

8.It is not a single wall is a wall of commons along the Chinese territory.

9.The Great Wall of China is the longest structure ever built by humans.

10.Building the wall it took more than 1800 years.

11.New sections of The Great Wall are steel being discovered.

12.Was predicted by an ancient Chinese Poem that will be constructed.

What to Know / 10 Surprising Facts About Hollywood by Nollyrex(m): 02:39pm On 5 May
We all know Hollywood, there is no one in the world who does not want to go once there, but is it really so magical that it appears on television screens? Hollywood was a small community in 1870 and was incorporated as a municipality in 1903.

It was consolidated with the city of Los Angeles in 1910, and soon thereafter a prominent film industry emerged, eventually becoming the most recognizable film industry in the world.we will not be concerned with the story how it was born and how it took place since we believe we’ve made enough movies for it and I’m confident that it has remained to be discovered.but we have gathered some really bizarre facts about this place.

Below we will present some facts that would surprise you and that you never thought of it.

1.The first movie to be made in Hollywood was ‘In Old California’ in 1910. This was a 17-minute short film by legendary director D. W. Griffith

2.Muhammad Ali’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the only star which is not on the sidewalk,rather it is on the wall of the Kodak Theatre to honor his request that he “did not want to be walked on.

3.Ronald Reagan was active as a FBI informer in Hollywood, reporting on other actors who he suspected of subversive activities

4.In 1918, four brothers, who were Ohio soap traders, created a studio in Hollywood. They called their new venture ”Warner Brothers”

5.The world-famous “HOLLYWOOD” sign came in 1923, when a real estate agent named Harry Chandler decided to advertise properties in the locality. It cost $ 22,000 to raise ‘HOLLYWOODLAND’. In 1949, the sign was edited to read only ‘HOLLYWOOD’.

6. Around 400-600 movies are released in Hollywood every year.

7.2500 stars at Hollywood Walk of Fame, honor a “community whose name means astonishment and respect in the four corners of the world.

8.Hollywood sign is almost 100-year-old.

9.Attract more than 5 million visitors each year.

10.Has its own fund of maintenance, every actor or artist donates something from his salary every time he wants,to maintain the best movie symbol in the optimal condition.

What to Know / Truths You Don't Know Behind White House - Usa by Nollyrex(m): 02:34pm On 5 May

White House is the official residence of the President of the United States. It is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. and has been the residence of every U.S. President since John Adams in 1800.

The residence was designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban in the neoclassical style. Construction took place between 1792 and 1800 using Acquia Creek sandstone painted white.

This is the official version that everyone knows, but is really so white or inside it hiding mysteries and strange facts that very few people know,after we’ve asked for a lot of information about our white backpack, we’ve come up with some really interesting facts that will surprise you.

1.The White House receives around 7.000 visitors a day.

2.The White House has 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms, and 6 levels to accommodate all the people who live in, work in.There are also 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 7 staircases, and 3 elevators.

3.It was really built by slaves.

4.The first movie filmed inside the White House was ”Birth of a Nation”, by Woodrow Wilson in 1915.

5.Winston Churchill claimed he saw Abraham Lincoln’s ghost while staying there.

6.The White House took 8 years to complete, and it cost $232,372 which would be about $5 million today.

7.Some of the people who have passed away in the White House are : President William Henry Harrison, President Zachary Taylor, Willie Lincoln (son of Abraham Lincoln), and First Lady Ellen Wilson.

8.The White House has also been home to some unusual pets. Abraham Lincoln kept goats,Herbert Hoover alligators, John F. Kennedy ponies, Theodor Roosevelt snakes, Calvin Coolidge lions, and Woodrow Wilson sheep.

9.Even the U.S. President has to pay for his food and service in the White House.

10.In Ireland exist another White House identical with the Real White House.

11.In November of 1800, John Adams became the first president to live in the White House.

12. You can take a digital tour inside the house if you want.

What to Know / Amazing Shocking Facts About Water by Nollyrex(m): 02:26pm On 5 May

Water, is the main resource for life on our planet, can be found anywhere in some places just as other countries suffer for it. Even this day no scientist or philosopher can ever give an answer to what we would do without water,for this reason we all call it the source of life.

We have research a lot for the water and the importance it has in our life,and we have come up with some very astonishing results that very few people know, and we are sure they will really be surprised when you read them.In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly appointed March 22 as the World Water Day.

But let’s look at the most shocking facts we’ve come up to for the water .

1.Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid .

2.A person can live only about a week without water.

3.Americans drink more than 1.5 billion glasses of water per day.

4. Also American’s use 6 billion gallons per day from toilet flushes.

5.Over 80% of the world’s fresh water is located in Antarctica.

6.70% of freshwater in China are used for agriculture.

7.Water makes up about 67% of the human body and newly born babies more than 80%.

8.Less than 5% of the water on earth can be used as drinking water.

9.Health authorities commonly recommend to drink eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters per day.

10.Water covers around 70% of the planet’s surface.

11.Exist more water in the atmosphere than in all rivers combined together.

12. Around 700 million people in the world do not have access to drinking water.

13.On average, an American citizen uses about 90 gallons of water per day,a European about 60 gallons of water per day
and an African uses 5 to 7 gallons of water per day.

14.All the water on Earth arrived in comets and asteroids.

15.The Antarctic has been covered in ice for more than 35-million years.


Webmasters/Programmers Den / How To Protect Your Domain Name From Hackers? by Nollyrex(m): 12:43pm On 1 Jan
Every day, some thousands of domain names are stolen and hundreds of wordpress blogs are hacked.

Do not you want your blog or domain name to be similar to hacking? You should keep your domain name safe in every way, because you will not want your years of profit to become useless in one stroke.

Your own would probably have heard that many domains are sold in millions, even in millior dollars. Most recently, Travelzoo sold the domain name for $ 2.89. This is the same domain name, which they had aquire in $ 1.76 million in 2009.

Keep all these things in the side so you know that you can protect your domain name in very easy ways.

If you know which domain names are hacking, which hackers often use, then you will probably be able to secure your domain name.
How to Avoid Domain Theft? mcafee cheap

1. Keep the registration records and contact information of your domain name accurate. mcafee cheap

Whenever address, phone number or email address is being used for the domain name transfer communication, you should tell your registrar.

Make sure you also update your emergency and business contact information.

Whenever there is a suspensive activity, your registrar can contact you and inform you in this regard as soon as possible.

2. Carefully choose your registrar firewell for mac

Do not buy your domain name from any registrar. Make sure that from which you are buying a domain name, you should be able to be in this business for a very long time and be confident.

When you select a domain registrar, you should think ahead of price and pay attention to the company’s quality services and support.

Your domain registrar should offer something other than your domain registration and domain transfer services. Your location’s irrespective technical support should be 24 * 7 available.

Registrar should also have a system which notifies you about your pending domain transfer and when the domain is moved in real, give accurate information on time before it. This ensures that your domain is not transferred without your knowledge and permission.

Such notifications help you to get the right decision about the pending transfer over time.

Make sure that the registrar has a way of doing so, so that he can give you updates of changes related to your domain name’s registration record or ownership change request. Make sure that they have the best communication methods such as phone, email, fax etc.

Does the registrar have additional security measures like two-step authentication? This is the way you will get a code on the phone so that you will be able to login every time. You have to enter this code correctly every time before you get the right to login.

It can irritate users, but such safeguards are essential to protect your domain from hackers.

Note: GoDaddy is always a great choice.

3. Keep your domain name registrant information private firewall for macs

You must protect your domain name’s information. (Remember that your domain name is your business asset), how would you like to protect it?

You should not give your login details to any stranger and do not tell any other person unless he is an authorized bandwidth, such as a webmaster or a web developer. Make sure you change your account details when this closure leaves your organization.

Do not use your contact email address as your username because such hijackers will easily guess your account name. Instead, create a different username that does not match your contact email.

4. Lock-up your Domain

Ask your domain name registrar to keep your domain name in the registrar lock.

This will make it impossible to change your domain’s information and DNS configuration without your consent. You must first unlock your domain name before you make any changes to it.

If your registrar EPP supports (Extensible Provisioning Protocol), then it can also help in adding a second lock that is called, Authorization Information Code or authInfo.

Once the EPP activate for your account, your registar will send you authcode in 5 days after the domain name transfer is done. This code will be gaining to the registar. Before accepting that domain name. In some cases, the dead registar also gives you the right to setup authInfo Code.

In such a case, you have to make sure one thing is that each domain name has its own unique EPP authInfo code and it is unique. If for some reason authInfo code is broken, then only one domain name comes in danger.

When you lock your domain name, keep checking the Who.Is from time to time to confirm that your domain name status has not changed anywhere. If you think any changes are done, register the registrar immediately.

5. Do not access the domain name account directly from your email

You will often receive discounts and emails of other promos from your domain name registar.

Many things you do by logging in to your account by clicking on the link given in the email because you trust your registrar.

However, domain name hijackers can send you phishing emails, which can be exactly the same as your domain name registar emails. So before you click on any link in your email inbox, make sure all about it.

If you login through a phishing link, you will lose your access from your own account.

To avoid such an incident, it is always best that you type in your browser and type the address of the registar and do not click on the link in any email.

6. Keep your domain name separate from your hosting account

Many domain name owners make a mistake to take the same domain name and hosting from the same company and host their site. If a domain name hijacker gets access to your hosting account, then he can also hack your domain name and you can not do anything like that.

You should use separate providers for hosting and for domain names.

7. Keep changing your password periodically.

By the way, it is great that if you choose a highly secure password, it is also recommended that you keep changing your password from time to time.

To create a safe password, use combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters.

Never use common names, dictionary words, birth dates, anniversary dates etc. Hackers can easily guess them. Then again, if you hire someone to work on your account, make sure that as soon as you leave the job, you can change your password.

8. Enable Privacy

You must enable privacy ( Guard) for your domain name. And make sure that your contact details are not visible to anyone.

Domain name hackers can also use this information which you can set to locate and send to phishing emails as well. Once you enable privacy, your details (name, email, address, phone number, etc. will not be visible to the public)

Keep your domain names safe by following all the tips mentioned in this article, because these are your very valuable business assets and you will never want to lose them by hackers.

What’s your view? Have you ever lost due to some of your domain hackers? Which domain registers are you on? Does your domain name provider offer all the features? Tell us through all these comments and share this article with as many people as possible so that people will also be aware of it.

Webmasters/Programmers Den / Google Adsense Account Approval Trick 2018 [complete Guide] by Nollyrex(m): 12:36pm On 1 Jan
If you want to know about Google Adsense account approval trick 2018, you have come to the right place. The new blogger has a dream of getting their Adsense account approved as soon as possible, but most of the time can not be found. Adsense is considered to be better than the other advertise program, because it pays the best of all. Many bloggers start their blogging career in the same way, they will get a good deal from them if they get approved in Adsense. But as simple as it looks, it is not so much.

Those who are not being approved, they are not following certain rules. Knowing the Google Adsense account approval trick, you will also find this easy. When I first did it for Adsense, even then I had failed. After a lot of time checking, I understood why my mistake was happening. If you follow all this AdSense approval tricks, then you have already succeeded in the process.

Google Adsense Account Approval Trick (2018)

Adsense account is not for everyone. If you have a blog or website, then you can apply for AdSense. Learn more from Blog / Website here. If your blog has been prepared, follow the following tricks.
Write High-Quality Contents

Content is the King – Content is King. Content means you say the article or post that you write. So what is this high-quality content? If your content is new, different from others and has not been copied from anywhere, then it is called quality content.

Those who are new bloggers, they think that we will duplicate them by creating a new content. But Google is not so stupid. Checks every page that has been indexed in Google, so you can not easily fool it. If you believe that you will be able to get the Adsense account approved by copy, then forget to dream it.

Your every post should be at least 500 words and 100% original too. This increases the chances of your approval by 90%. The more you describe your article, the better it is for your blog.
Blog Domain Age

According to Google’s guidelines, some restrictions have been done by taking Adsense into some Asian country. You can not apply for Adsense 6 months before. If you apply, then there is a lot of chances of your application being rejected. But I found Google Adsense approval in just one month in one of my blogs. But all my content in that blog was of high quality. If all your content is very good and brand new, then you can also do it. And also what you know will be approved.
Sufficient Contents or Posts

There is no such thing that your blog needs so much post, to apply for Adsense. But it is important to have a sufficient post in your blog. Agra If you write a post of 300 words, then it is good to write at least 40-50, and if all your contents are 500-700 words, then you will also write 20 posts. The more content you write, the more chances of approval increase. So always focus on your contents.
Do not write Illegal Content

If your blog or website is related to adult content, gambling, hacking, casino or drug abuse content, then forget about Adsense. Google does not like all these content If your blog has some of these most related content, you can remove them and apply them.
Do not insert copyright material

If you get any text, image, video or something like this from the Internet, you can not use it directly in your blog. Because he is not yours. If you give credit to them then this is a different matter. You can also modify any content by modifying it too. If you have his permission or have made that thing yourself, then there is no issue in it. For full information about copyrighted material, click here.
Other Ad Networks

There are lots of advertising networks like Adsense. If your blog already has ads in the ad network, then delete them before applying. This increases the chances of your approval. Why Adsense does not support some advertising networks, if you have one of them then your application may also be rejected.
User Friendly Design

Your blog should be user-friendly It means that it is necessary to be mobile-friendly and should be navigated along with it, through which any visitor can easily read your blog and which page can be used. Do not put images of sparrows, images. This makes a difference in your design, as well as increasing the loading speed of your site, which is not right for you.
Enter all these pages

Insert pages about About, Contact, Disclaimer etc. in your blog. There are some such blogs that, despite all this, Adsense is approved, but it is a matter of luck. If you add these pages to your blog then your chances will increase further. It has also been seen that Adsense approves some of the blogs because they contain all these pages. All these pages are needed for a blog. Which gives your visitors information about your blog or website.
Language Support

It is not that you have created a blog of any language and Adsense will approve it. Adsense supports only a few languages ​​and Hindi is one of them. Click here to know the full language list.
Do not insert more images

If you apply your blog to Adsense by filling in images, your application will be rejected. Why Google can not read an image. Google can just read the text. It is important to have as many text as possible in your blog. If you are using image then it is a good thing but do not forget to put an ALT tag in the entire image. The text you type in the ALT tag, Google knows how to read it, and it considers your image as text.
Don’t Buy Visitor

Like Google’s real visitor, who come from search results or come from social networking sites. You can also buy visitor for the traffic of your blog, but for that you have to forget Adsense. Why Adsense does not like paid traffic If your account is approved then you will not have much time to lose it.

If visitor 50 visits your blog every day, so much more to apply Adsense. You do not have to worry about the visitor. Because Adsense sees the quality of your site, visitors do not see it.
Easy Adsense Account Approval Trick

If you want your account to be approved quickly, then take a look at some batten.

1) Write a post on our new and new topic for the new blog. There are plenty of 15-20 posts of 500 words to apply Adsense.
2) Do not forget about About, Contact, Disclaimer or Terms & Conditions page.
3) Do not worry about the visitor. In any number of visitors, you can apply, just the quality of your posts should be good.
4) After applying for Adsense, do not leave your blog like this. Keep posting something every day, but do not copy it.
5) Make a mobile-friendly design only.

Do not forget to read Adsense once you apply. These were all Google Adsense approval trick 2017. With the help of all this you can easily approve your Adsense account. If you have any clearance about the approval then you can tell me.

Universities Den / New York City College Of Technology by Nollyrex(m): 12:24pm On 1 Jan
New York City College of Technology (City Tech) of The City University of New York (CUNY) is the biggest open school of innovation in New York State and a national model for mechanical instruction. Set up in 1946 as the New York State Institute for Applied Arts and Sciences, City Tech can follow its roots to 1881 when The Technical Schools of the Metropolitan Museum of Art were renamed The New York Trade School. That establishment – which turned into the Voorhees Technical Institute numerous decades later – was soon a model for the improvement of specialized/professional schools around the world. In 1971, Voorhees was consolidated into City Tech.
Its 27 partner and 24 baccalaureate degree programs give an uncommon mix of specific mechanical guideline and expansive instruction in the human sciences and sciences. A significant number of these projects are offered no place else inside of the CUNY framework or in the New York metropolitan zone. As of late presented baccalaureate projects or program choices in connected science, building innovation, correspondence plan, PC frameworks, offices administration, and wellbeing administrations organization not just meet the dire requirement for talented experts in these zones, but on the other hand are pulling in record quantities of students from another school and empowering a greater amount of the College's partner degree program graduates to proceed with their training here. City Tech's most up to date four year certification programs in biomedical informatics, radiologic sciences and electrical designing innovation will make energizing open doors for understudies in these front line ranges.

City Tech's remarkable personnel – numerous enlisted from business, industry and the callings and most holding the most noteworthy degree in their fields – furnish understudies with the advantage of their broad learning and genuine experience. More than half of the College's full time workforce was enlisted amid the previous five years. As the College has developed, so has its workforce, with more than 150 new personnel included the most recent four years. These new workforce will assume a main part as the College meets the test of planning understudies for progressively critical green advancements and for the continually changing regions of computerized innovations.

Understudies and staff from more than 120 nations and talking more than 85 dialects make and support an uncommon learning environment. For most recent five years City Tech has been among the pioneers in the differing qualities of the understudies it serves among every single Comprehensive College/Bachelor's (North) in the yearly review by U.S. News and World Report. The USNews review likewise records the College among the pioneers in new understudy maintenance in universities of its sort. The College likewise positions at or close to the highest point of all schools in the country in the quantity of African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic understudies selected in partner degree programs in the building innovations.

The College is home to various "learning groups, a capable way to deal with the conveyance of guideline, through which sizable quantities of approaching green beans take two or more classes together, some of which are multi-disciplinary. This way to deal with training has delivered strong results in understudy maintenance and different measures of scholarly achievement.

City Tech has created exactly 87,000 graduated class, a considerable lot of whom have stayed in the metropolitan New York region and keep on adding to its monetary and expert essentialness. A considerable lot of the College's graduated class are unmistakable in their fields and incorporate more than 1,000 alumni of record who are or have been hierarchical CEOs or proprietors of their own organizations. The rate of its graduates passing authorizing exams in the wellbeing related callings is considerably higher than the statewide normal, and half of all New York State minority building specialists are City Tech graduated class. Broadly, the figure is almost one in five.

Referred to casually as City Tech, New York City College of Technology selects more than 17,000 understudies in its projects. A large portion of these projects lead to licensure and affirmation. It additionally enlists around 16,000 understudies every year through the Division of Continuing Education and External Partnerships. Here, creative projects meet the preparation and retraining needs of working men and ladies and give territorial organizations of different types with the mechanical and administrative abilities they have to effectively contend in progressively focused neighborhood, national and worldwide markets. City Tech projects are intended to foresee developing occupation patterns in the city, state, and country, not simply to tail them.

City Tech appreciates a long-standing notoriety for its association in financial advancement and business help. A study by the Wall Street-based Center for a Urban Future recognizes City Tech and its Business and Industry Training Center as "one of CUNY's driving occupation preparing and business help focuses with a solid arrangement of projects that numerous businesses have come to depend on."

Situated at MetroTech Center in Downtown Brooklyn and a two-minute stroll from all open transportation offices serving the zone, City Tech is an individual from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Brooklyn Council and the MetroTech Business Improvement District and additionally a dynamic accomplice in the financial renaissance of the precinct. Its scholastic, grown-up instruction, and business and group help projects are broadly perceived all through the private and open segments as essential to the advancement of a profoundly gifted workforce all through the locale. Situated in what is progressively alluded to as Brooklyn's "Exploration Triangle," City Tech is an asset for the some cutting edge advancement organizations that have opened as of late.

The effect of City Tech stretches out a long ways past its physical limits. Understudies appreciate various chances to improve their training through examination assistantships and related open doors at prestigious national labs. Their experience is comparably upgraded through entry level position and administration learning opportunities over the educational programs, notwithstanding a worldwide understudy trade program with the innovative school of the University of Paris and other concentrate abroad activities. A profoundly proactive Placement Office gives broad occupation position chances to both current understudies and those going to graduate, while a wide cluster of willful group help ventures empowers them to apply their insight, test their abilities and put what they are realizing in the classroom to great use in the administration of others while still in school.

We anticipate the new scholastic complex under development at the side of Tillary and Jay Streets. On the site of the present exercise center and assembly room will be a scholastic complex of roughly 350,000 square feet that will house programs in the sciences and wellbeing related territories. Interestingly, these developing projects will have instructing and research facility space assembled particularly to address their issues. It will give alluring, present day space to a quickly developing school.

Moreover, the College's Voorhees Building, the inside for the designing advancements, has as of late gotten a makeover, transforming it into a smooth symbol of the Information Age. The new face of the building now clarifies that it is a spot where you can make the future and can take in the mechanical aptitudes important to flourish in it. Combined with the late redesign of the Namm complex, where the larger part of our classrooms are found, the new and revamped space will permit City Tech to serve the continually expanding number of imminent understudies who perceive the exceptional estimation of a City Tech instruct
Today, through its Schools of Technology and Design, Professional Studies and Arts and Sciences, City Tech offers 51 degree programs in the advancements of craftsmanship and outline, business, PC frameworks, building, stimulation, social insurance, neighborliness, human administrations, the law-related callings, vocation and innovation educator training, and the aesthetic sciences and sciences.

The mission of the Assessment and Institutional Research (AIR) office is to bolster endeavors to enhance the nature of understudy learning results through appraisal, and additionally gather, examine, decipher, and spread exact and opportune data on all parts of the school's exercises in backing of institutional arranging, choice making and reporting.

For more data, view the website page for Office of Assessment and Institutional Research.

A Message from the President

Welcome to New York City College of Technology, of the City University of New York. You have arrived at the site of the biggest open, baccalaureate school of innovation in the Northeast.

Your school years speak to a valuable chance to assemble learning, individual quality and resolution for a future that offers unbelievable open doors for those that have the mettle to seize them. New York City College of Technology can furnish you with these open doors on the off chance that you exploit the College's instructive offerings and supporting administrations, and commit yourself to achieving your potential.

The College was established in 1946, under the name "The New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences." The pressing mission at the time was to give preparing to GIs coming back from the Second World War and to furnish New York with the in fact capable workforce it would need to flourish in the developing post-war economy. Nobody in 1946 could have anticipated the change the College has encountered. From its beginnings as an Institute - to being sanctioned as a junior college in 1957 - and along these lines transitioning to senior school status amid the 1980's - it has developed from serving 246 understudies in the class of 1947, to a populace today of 17,400 understudies (around 6,500 in baccalaureate degree projects) and serving more than 16,000 other people who partake in the proceeding with instruction offerings of the College.

Our main goal, nonetheless, has not transformed; It is still earnest, and it is still centered around setting up an actually capable workforce and accomplished nationals. The College's offerings envelop the pre-expert, expert and specialized projects that react to local financial needs and give access to advanced education to all who look for satisfaction of vocation and monetary objectives through training. The 27 partner and 24 baccalaureate degrees offered permit graduates to seek after vocations in the design and building advances, the PC, stimulation, and wellbeing callings, human administrations, publicizing and distributed, accommodation, business, and law-related callings, and projects in profession and specialized educator instruction.

These projects stretch out from the main system in stimulation innovation east of the Mississippi to the most grant winning open system in the culinary expressions to be discovered anyplace; from medicinal services programs that deliver basic social needs to a system in connected science that gets ready understudies to outline PC based models required in the realm of high fund; from publicizing configuration and realistic expressions projects to an offices administration program that gets ready understudies to deal with the star-wars-such as control rooms of complex advanced tall structures. Generally, the College's projects are adapted to the necessities of our understudies, the callings we bolster and the trade that drives our economy.

While advances have changed and callings have been changed, what is at the heart of City Tech has stayed consistent - our fundamental instructive methodology. City Tech is a spot where committed personnel, numerous going along with us after effective expert professions in their picked fields, work one next to the other with understudies in research center settings. The school was established as a reference point of chance accessible to the individuals who may not generally have admittance to advanced education regardless it performs this capacity today. What's more, pretty much as was valid on the cold morning in February of 1947 when the school initially opened its entryways, we have one foot in the present and one later on, keeping our projects adjusted to the innovative workforce needs of tomorrow.

I welcome you to investigate this Web webpage to start your own voyage of revelation through our school and to see with your own eyes why City Tech is such an extraordinary spot, a school that can help you construct the future we can't yet envision.

Russell K. Hotzler


General on Education / Why Overseas Education Consultants? by Nollyrex(m): 12:18pm On 1 Jan
Training assumes a critical part in molding the life of a person. There are numerous individuals who wish to seek after their advanced education in their own nation while there are other people who look for the chance of concentrate abroad.

All things considered, in the event that you are considering to concentrate abroad, then know that it's not a simple assignment to get conceded in a remote college.

How would you simply ahead and accomplish what you wish for?

There are numerous abroad training specialists accessible in various parts of the nation that can offer you some assistance with taking an educated choice.

There can be different reasons connected with this choice.

Numerous understudies wish to proceed with their instruction in the other nation as they might need to get their majors from the direct sources, or they are captivated by the other nation's way of life or they might be confronting some social or political issues in their local nation that constrains them to leave their nation and concentrate abroad.

Regardless of what the reason is behind your choice to concentrate abroad, the concentrate abroad experts in Delhi can control you in the right bearing. Delhi being the capital of the country is likewise the center of training. All choice colleges in India are in Delhi; Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, IIFT, Institute of financial development to give some examples. These colleges make a positive externality and therefore, had prompted numerous "concentrate abroad experts in Delhi" mushrooming up. The graduated class of these phenomenal colleges which are presently concentrating on in abroad or have worked in abroad additionally offer these advisors by giving profitable data which then some assistance with passing out to understudies looking for help while topping off their structures.

By what means can abroad instruction specialists help?

Mission statement: Statement of reason for existing is a standout amongst the most basic things which can represent the moment of truth your opportunity to look for an affirmation in an outside college. What's more, SOPs are not a cake walk. These abroad training experts can offer you some assistance with getting around these in a pleasant manner. These advisors have a considerable measure of experience on them which can be valuable for you.

Monitoring dates: When is the last date for which college is a troublesome occupation to handle! Procure an expert for so much stuff while you work towards your GRE scores.

What to seek after?: Okay, so you have settled on a choice to concentrate abroad yet what to study is an unavoidable issue. Yes, you might need to study financial aspects, however what specific range in financial aspects. These experts might really offer you some assistance with knowing what your advantage is and what subject is at present sought after or what subject will arrive you with a fat pay?

Various abroad training experts are accessible through the online mode. You can approach them on their particular sites and get all the data. Audits and testimonials are additionally accessible to help you in picking the right expert for you. These experts are justified regardless of their charges as they lead you towards a superior future.

General on Education / Various Advantages Of Online Education by Nollyrex(m): 12:06pm On 1 Jan
Online instruction has turned out to be extremely prevalent lately. More understudies are enlisting in online courses to win a degree and development in their expert lives. Online instruction is favored by individuals who are not ready to go to a standard block and mortar school or college for different reasons. The degree earned from a decent online foundation is as important as the one from any customary school or college.

Focal points of Online Education

- Lower Cost - Online trainings cost not exactly the conventional method for instruction. There is no vehicle cost included as you don't need to go to achieve school or school. Study material is likewise accessible for nothing online and you don't need to burn through cash to purchase course readings.

- Flexibility - When you ponder on the web, you are not bound to a settled calendar. You can take classes according to your advantageous time. Thusly of training works best for individuals who need to concentrate on after office or have a family to deal with. Additionally ladies with youthful children at home can take up online training to finish their degrees or learn new things. You simply require access to a quick web association with go to your classes. Online classes are generally accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you can go to classes when it is helpful for you. This gives you the adaptability to satisfy your different responsibilities alongside studies.

- Opportunities for Networking - The best part about online training is that it is not limited to a specific city or nation. It offers an opportunity to communicate and learn with understudies of various countries. You can without much of a stretch talk about with them diverse subjects on online discussions and expansion your range of information. There are likewise topic specialists whom you can contact when you are screwed over thanks to something and need assistance. You get customized consideration which is unrealistic in conventional classrooms.

- Up to Date Content - Online substance is upgraded at consistent interims. Thus, you can make certain that the information you are obtaining is not obsolete.

- Specialized Knowledge - Online training permits you to pick a specific field of study. It helps you to concentrate on what you need to realize and not squander time in considering subjects which does not intrigue you. This helps you to get particular and profound learning of your preferred subject or point.

Online training has picked up standard acknowledgment in the course of the most recent couple of years. It has helped numerous individuals in getting degrees for progression in their professions, work advancement or to discover some new information.

General on Education / Special Education Laws by Nollyrex(m): 11:48am On 1 Jan
Custom curriculum alludes to the training of youngsters with physical issue or handicaps, psychiatric disarranges, passionate pain, behavioral scatters, and learning issue. Conventional instructive strategies or school programs don't adequately meet the prerequisites of these youngsters. Youngsters with a custom curriculum needs are ensured rights to benefits in schools under government and state laws. These laws incorporate Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 2004), Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997 (IDEA 1997), and No Child Left Behind (NCLB). These laws ensure custom curriculum programs and budgetary help for handicapped youngsters and youth in the United States.
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 1997 is a government law that administers all specialized curriculum administrations for kids in the United States. The real goal of IDEA is to give free and suitable government funded training at all prohibitive environment. The IDEA 2004 is an update or reauthorization of IDEA 1997, which safeguards the social equality sureties of IDEA 1997, however rolls out generous improvements with respect to how schools figure out if a kid has learning handicap and needs specialized curriculum administrations. Administrations to extremely youthful kids, i.e., babies and little children, are additionally secured under the IDEA. Area 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a social equality authoritative act, which forbids oppression youngsters with handicaps and gives them sensible facilities. Under segment 504, any individual who has a weakness that generously confines a noteworthy life movement is viewed as crippled.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) orders every instructive organization to address the issues of youngsters with psychiatric issues. In the United States, systems for the usage of the Federal laws and procedural shields are distinctive in various states and accordingly folks ought to have a decent learning of the principles and regulations in their specific range. For any help, folks can simply contact the local office of the U.S. Division of Education Office for Civil Rights.

Custom curriculum gives point by point data on Special Education, Special Education Degrees, Online Special Education Courses, Journal Of Special Education and that's just the beginning. Specialized curriculum is partnered with Teacher Education Philosophies

General on Education / Tips On Finding A Good Preschool by Nollyrex(m): 11:43am On 1 Jan
Finding a decent preschool in Mission Viejo can be a test, however it is not, by any methods, outlandish. There are a few tips you can use to make your pursuit a little less demanding. Considering these recommendations important can offer you some assistance with lying the right establishment for your kid's instructive experience. This will be their first presentation to formal learning, and you need it to be an ordeal that will energize them to keep learning and developing. The right office will impart an adoration for learning, among other imperative things. The accompanying tips can offer you some assistance with narrowing your pursuit to locate the best office for your kid.

Converse with Other Parents

Having a youngster places you regarding an extremely world class society of individuals who have permitted a bit of themselves to go outside of their bodies. This club of different folks can be a superb asset for discovering data on matters of this nature. Converse with a percentage of the folks you know not out who they have utilized as a part of the past for their requirements here. Their data, positive and negative, will all offer you some assistance with knowing which offices to consider and which to remove the rundown of potential outcomes. Try not to fear insulting anybody, as most folks adoration discussing their youngsters and their endeavors in child rearing.

Use the Internet

It is conceivable to get data about pretty much anything on the off chance that you know where to look on the Internet. The World Wide Web can be an incredible asset to discover data about the distinctive early adolescence instructive offices in your general vicinity. A basic pursuit with the right watchwords will give you a rundown of choices in your general vicinity, and every organization site will have an area of audits for you to peruse. For more real surveys, you can take a gander at different destinations such as Yelp and Angie's List.

Ask on Parenting Forums

There are a ton of approaches to contact child rearing discussions, yet a large portion of them are encouraged by the Internet. Get in contact with some of these gatherings and get some information about great preschools in the territory. This question will bring about a considerable measure of data, so be prepared to filter out every one of the reactions to discover what you require. You can take in a ton about how individuals feel about various offices and get a thought of where your tyke will function admirably.

Research Teaching Techniques

There are a variety of showing strategies being utilized for little kids. As every tyke adapts in an unexpected way, it's extremely useful for you to learn as much as you can about a percentage of the diverse strategies out there. This exploration can offer you some assistance with understanding which showing strategies would work best for your tyke. When you know this, it turns into a considerable measure simpler to find a choice that uses the strategy you like.

Begin Early

You can never begin too soon to get in with the best preschools in your general vicinity. When you know where you need to send your kids, begin rapidly to get them enlisted. A significant number of the best choices may be full for the year and as of now have sitting tight records for the up and coming seasons. The sooner you begin your pursuit, the better. Get put on holding up records and propel class postings when you can to guarantee a spot in a decent class.

These tips can make it a great deal less demanding for you to locate a decent preschool in Mission Viejo. A little time and a little arrangement will make things run easily and help you to feel great and positive about the decision that you make.

Classroom/Learning Den / 6 Benefits Of Reading On A Daily Basis by Nollyrex(m): 11:39am On 1 Jan
Do you read all the time? Assuming this is the case, would could it be that you perused? Is it daily papers, magazines, Facebook updates or Tweets? It's a smart thought to peruse all the time. For the individuals who needn't bother with pass up a major opportunity for a considerable measure of advantages that perusing may offer. Given underneath is a portrayal of a few advantages that you may appreciate.

1. Mental Stimulation

As per investigate thinks about, individuals who are rationally animated are less inclined to Dementia and Alzheimer's as the mind remains dynamic and doesn't lose control. It works simply like different muscles in your body. As a matter of fact, you have to practice your cerebrum should you need to keep it fit as a fiddle. Beside perusing, playing diversions like chess may likewise enable you to enhance subjective incitement.

2. Stress

On the off chance that you have a normal everyday employment, you may experience the ill effects of pressure. Furthermore, because of stress, you may have a considerable measure of different issues throughout your life. Yet, a great novel may bring you into another world. Similarly, an elegantly composed and drawing in article is methods for diversion from the things that can give you push. In this way, in the event that you read, you can unwind.

3. Learning

Great books and articles can give heaps of data. You never know when you may require this data. In this way, having a considerable measure of learning can enable you to manage the difficulties you may have in your life.

Aside from this, on the off chance that you wind up in amazingly troublesome conditions, it's not possible for anyone to take away your insight from you. You may lose your activity, cash and the greater part of your belonging, however you can't lose your insight.

4. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a distribution center of words that assistance you communicate as the need should arise in the most ideal way imaginable. In any calling, being well-spoken can be of extraordinary help. In addition, your confidence will get a lift in the event that you can converse with your seniors with incredible certainty. It can even enable you with your vocation as individuals with better relational abilities to get more advancement open doors.

5. Memory

By perusing books, you can prepare your brain to retain heaps of characters and the history, desire, foundation and subtleties behind those characters. Despite the fact that it's a lot to recollect, human brains are past every one of the machines that have been created up until now. It's a to a great degree convoluted organ in the human body. You may think that its intriguing that each new thing that you remember makes new mind pathways while fortifying the current ones.

This likewise makes your fleeting memory all the more effective notwithstanding balancing out your temperament.

6. Explanatory Skills

On the off chance that you can unravel a riddle in a puzzle novel without killing excessively time, realize that you have solid diagnostic aptitudes. All things considered, it takes a great deal of mental vitality to process all the minor subtle elements in a novel.

This scientific aptitude can enable you when you to need to study a pot to see whether it is elegantly composed and if each character is completely created. On the off chance that you ever get a chance to discuss the plot with your companions, you can exhibit your interpretation of the plot in clear words.

Along these lines, these are a portion of the greatest advantages that you can appreciate in the event that you read all the time.

General on Education / Why Education Is Important by Nollyrex(m): 11:28am On 1 Jan
Training alludes to the orderly procedure of picking up information and abilities through investigation and directions. The individual giving the direction is known as instructors. What's more, the individual who gets learning is known as an understudy. It is vital on the grounds that it is utilized to alleviate the vast majority of the difficulties looked throughout everyday life.

Training, if took a gander at past its traditional limits, frames the very pith of every one of our activities.

It is an extremely imperative device that is utilized as a part of the contemporary world to succeed.

The learning that is accomplished encourages open ways to a considerable measure of chances for better prospects in profession development. Instruction isn't tied in with examining and getting great imprints. It is a way to find new things and increment our insight. An informed individual can separate amongst good and bad. It is the preeminent duty of a general public to teach its natives.

Concentrate ought to be on ladies' instruction in light of the fact that the information and strengthening of one lady can realize an adjustment in a family and even the general public all in all. It is said," You instruct a man; you teach a man. You instruct a lady; you teach an age."

A man ends up plainly culminate with instruction as he isn't just picking up something from it, yet in addition adding to the development of a country. We should intend to guarantee that every resident of our country is taught and free.

An informed individual is a benefit for any nation. We should understand the significance of training. In this day and age, human capital is viewed as the best national asset. On one hand, he can investigate better open doors for himself, and then again, the whole country would get profited from his works. We should understand its significance. The ability to change the mentality of individuals is Education.

Building up a nation needs mindfulness and common sense. What is the utilization on the off chance that we are taught, yet are not ready to apply our insight? Indeed, even individuals with high evaluations are not ready to answer a basic inquiry like 'Who is the President of India?'. Individuals get instructed to create themselves. Mindfulness and use of individual's cerebrum realizes 85% of improvement... training brings the rest! It brings about raising wage, enhancing wellbeing, advancing sex balance, moderating environmental change, and lessening destitution. So, it has the ability to improve the world a place. Nowadays the idea of day barricading is additionally getting. It causes guardians to proceed with their occupations and kids can get the best instruction at the school and they can create as a superior individual.

Bloggers Den / Lists Of Best Adsense Alternative by Nollyrex(m): 02:46pm On 11 Nov 2017
Are you banned from Google AdSense for any reason? No need to worry about that, various AdSense alternatives for publishers are available in the web. You can apply for any program discussed below and continue monetizing your online content.

Most of the programs are in some way better than AdSense, for example Payment is simple and hassle free through PayPal unlike the Payment processing through Checks in AdSense for most of the countries.

Even if you are not banned from AdSense, it is a wise idea to widen your online income from various sources instead of only relying on AdSense. More over you can also combine any of these additional programs in your website along with AdSense ads to increase your revenue multifold. The only rule is that the other ads should not look like AdSense ads. For example you can combine Infolinks inline ads in your content along with AdSense ads. This is identified as one of the best AdSense combination for high revenue. But you should deactivate Related Tag ads in Infolinks which is similar to AdSense Link units Ads.

There are many AdSense alternatives available for publishers and in each category there are plenty of opportunities to make money. Below are the most popular AdSense Alternative Programs in terms of usage and Payment processing.
Contextual Ads

Bidvertiser: Display BidVertiser ads on your website or blog and get paid for every click. However, the ad pool seems to be limited with rotation of same ads. The minimum payout is $10 paid through PayPal account.
Clicksor: One of the best Google AdSense alternative program offers webmasters to display contextual ads on their website. More than 10 ad formats are available including Inline Text Links, Text banners, Graphical banners and Pop-unders ads. Up to 85% of the advertiser’s payment is shared with publishers and 10% commission on referral program. Minimum Payment Amount is $50 through PayPal or Check and very prompt with payments. However, they do have some joining restriction like 5,000 page views per day or 150000 page views per month.

Inline Ads

InfoLinks: In-Text advertising network displays ads for the keywords which are part of you content. The keywords in your content are highlighted and double underlined. An ad link will pop-up when user moves the mouse over the keyword and you will be paid every time the user clicks on the ad link. This is great for generating additional revenue source without compromising on your ad space and they also are known for high revenue share with publishers. Infolinks also offers in-search, in-tag and in-frame ads in addition to in-text ads.

Inline advertising is also provided by Ad Networks like Clicksor and Kontera
Ad Widgets

Chitika: The creator of the very popular eMini Malls, Chitika was the first true alternative to Google AdSense. Now they sell a new innovative ad product “Search Targeted Advertising” which basically help you monetize your search engine traffic without displacing your other ad incomes. Chitika replaced Yahoo! Publisher Network advertising after a partnership with Yahoo!

CPM Networks

Value Click Media: One of the best CPM network with the highest payouts. This is a NASDAQ listed company with the symbol VCLK making it more reliable for the publishers. Offers various ad formats including banners and pop-under ads.
Voxant Newsroom: One of the most productive CPM ad network. You can earn $0.50 CPM for auto playing video feeds and $3.50 for other video feeds. The video feeds can be embedded easily and also helps to retain visitors in your site. Publishers are only paid by Paypal with no minimum cap for a particular month. The disadvantage is that only U.S. traffic is taken into consideration hence this program is more suitable for publishers in U.S.
Tribal Fusion: One of the top CPM advertising network with minimum payout of $50 through Check. However, only sites with a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month are eligible for application.

Paid Blogging

Pay Per Post: A paid blogging network that pays for reviewing an advertiser’s products and services. One can earn an average of $ 10 for each paid review and $20 for the first opportunity after sign up. A publisher’s blog needs to be at least one month old.
Sponsored Reviews: An online marketplace where publishers can bid for writing a review for an opportunity. Great transparency and 65% payouts.
Review Me: A marketplace much suited for bigger blogger having a good capacity in content reviewing. Basically your site will be added in the marketplace once approved and advertisers will pay you to post reviews of their products on your site. There is no minimum payment for PayPal.

Affiliate Networks

Click Bank: Largest affiliate marketplace for digital products. Affiliate share as high as 75% on products.

Static Link Ads

Text Link Ads: This is one of the largest text link services offer static html link advertisements. The advantage of static link ads is that the advertiser will not only get the targeted traffic but also get high search engine ranking since their links will be more popular from text link ads. Here you can sell simple, relevant text ads on your website and get it paid through PayPal with no minimum.

The real problem with Text Link Ads is that they provide PHP ad code hence you need to modify your root directory if you are using .html pages. If you are using shared hosting services then you may need to request the hosting provider to modify the root directory which is not feasible with many of the service providers.

Other Advertising Networks

Advertise Your Game (AYG): Best suited for entertainment niche sites. Display Gaming Ads and pay on a CPC basis. One of the better preforming Ad Networks on our gaming and video sites.

CPMStar: Online advertising network devoted to gamers. Works best on entertainment niche sites like videos, photos and other themes. Some time back they were an exclusive network, but now they are more open to accept smaller publishers.

Adversal: Popup advertising network paying upto $ 1.20 eCPM.

InfinityAds: Offers Pop-Under and Pop-Up ads and pay you for every thousand impressions of ads displayed on your website or blog. The advantage of this ad network is that every type of sites are allowed and sites are automatically approved once you submitted. The average payment rate according to their website is $1.80 per thousand impressions and the minimum payout is $5 through PayPal, Check or Wired Transfer.

AdBrite which was considered as one of the best AdSense alternative closed its website and ceases operation. This clearly indicates site owners should not rely on sole advertising income from one source.

Making Money Online / 6 Best Ways To Make Money From Your Blog by Nollyrex(m): 02:39pm On 11 Nov 2017
There are hundreds of thousands of blogs popping out online everyday. One of the objectives of starting such blogs is to earn money and make a living out of it. Though establishing a blog needs long time, it is not very difficult to make money from your blog. In this article we will discuss 6 ways to make money from your blog.

Pay Per Click Advertising
Affiliate Marketing
Content Recommendation
Product Review
Sponsored Guest Posts
Selling Digital Products

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is the most popular advertising method for monetizing your blog. The best example is Google AdSense. Nowadays you can’t find a blog without AdSense advertisements. From popular news sites to newbie blogs, every site shows pay per click advertisements. PPC advertisement generally works in two modes – CPC and CPM. Cost per click or CPC is a method in which advertisers pay to the publishers for each click. And cost per mille (CPM) is a method of earning revenue for every thousand impressions of an ad.

There are lot of varieties of PPC as shown in the below picture which you can use for monetizing your blog.

Popular programs like AdSense needs a blog with decent traffic, hence you may need to wait till the time your blog gets good traffic. There are also other programs like Buysellads and Infolinks you can apply for monetizing your blog.

The earnings from PPC advertisements depend on the age of your site, niche and the placement ads on your site. You can use Google AdWords keyword planner tool to find the number of searches and estimated CPC for any keywords. But it is recommended to focus on the area of your blog rather than start writing with high paying keywords.
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the age-old concept of referring people to buy someone’s product and earns a percentage of commission from the product owner. You can use PPC advertising and affiliate marketing together to make huge money from your blog.

Affiliate ProgramsAssume you are using WordPress and host your site on Bluehost hosting. You can become an affiliate of Bluehost and get the banner and affiliate links to be showcased on your site. You can recommend Bluehost to your users based on your good experience with them. Below is what Bluehost affiliate programs says:

By driving customers to sign up at Bluehost, you will receive $65.00 per referral. What could be better than offering a great service to those that visit your web site, and making a healthy sum on the side for doing so? You send them our way, we’ll do the rest.

This method seems to work much better for triggering real purchases, as people believe the word of mouth from those really used the products. Amazon affiliate program is another popular one helps bloggers to make huge money by promoting Amazon products through affiliate links.

Unlike PPC advertisements in which you will get few cents to dollars for a click, affiliate marketing pays you heavily. For example, in the above Bluehost case you will get $65 for each purchase made through your affiliate link.
Content Recommendation

Suggesting related content is a relatively new method of monetizing your blog. It is also called content discovery and works similar to PPC advertising. Even Google offers matched content ads through AdSense program and helps publishers to showcase ads in-between the related posts. There are also popular third party services like Taboola and Outbrain offers content recommendation.

Google AdSense Matched Content Ads

You will be paid for clicks on the recommended ads and the rates are similar to PPC advertisement.
Product Review

You can start writing review of the products you use and want to recommend to users. Over the period of time product owners will approach you to write about their products and different offerings. Let us take an example – when you start writing few articles about VPN, many VPN companies will approach you to write about their products. Generally they offer free service for a year and allow you to create custom affiliate link which earns more commission for you.

Also you can dedicatedly offer product review as a service on your site for fixed amount per review.
Sponsored Guest Posts

Similar to paid product review, sponsored guest post is another way to earn money from your blog. Ensure to have precise guidelines for accepting sponsored posts and review the articles thoroughly before publishing it on your site.

Create a menu and site wide notification in an attractive manner that you are accepting sponsored guest posts.
Selling Digital Products

Every site building platform offers ecommerce feature and building an online store is easier than ever. You can easily sell digital products like eBooks, widgets, plugins and themes through your blog. One successful WordPress plugin or a theme can make you millionaire and take your life into a different direction.


Ensure your digital product offerings are inline with your blog’s niche. Otherwise writing about cats and selling dogs will not make sense.

Running an established blog needs huge money starting from hosting to maintenance of the entire site. Take you favorite blog and check how they earn money to run the blog. You will definitely find they earn money through one of the above explained monetization methods.

Webmasters/Programmers Den / How Google Track Invalid Clicks On Adsense? by Nollyrex(m): 02:32pm On 11 Nov 2017
AdSense is a well-known Pay Per Click (PPC) program from Google, which helps publishers to make handsome money from their online content. Unfortunately site owners especially newbies always try to follow some illogical methods to make quick money. AdSense or any other PPC programs for that matter, is like a tree, which needs to be carefully brought up from the small plant for many years to get a fruit from the grown tree. Trying to cheat will kill your own benefit and most probably results in banning your account for lifetime. Moreover, once the site is marked for web spam, it is not possible to get other advertisers making the whole idea of making money from your site in vain. Here are some ideas how Google could track your invalid activities and suspect the source of traffic to your site.

Nevertheless, do not attempt any means of traffic not inline with AdSense publisher’s guidelines from Google.

IP Address

Clicking on the own ads is the first and primary mistake a new publisher tends to do. Besides the content quality data like geographical location and IP address from which you apply for an account are collected when you apply for AdSense. It is easy to detect whether the click is originated from the same IP from which you access your AdSense account or applied AdSense account
Using Proxy

Most of proxy server’s IP are well known to all major advertising companies including Google. For example, AdSense ads may not even show when viewed using some VPN services. On top this, clicking ads through proxy will undoubtedly result in banning your account.


Cookies are used in almost all Google services like Gmail, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, etc. though it is common to use multiple Gmail accounts; any clicks on the advertisements can easily be tracked with the cookies set in the browser.

Google allows displaying ads from multiple AdSense account on a single web page without exceeding the ad limit. Even you can add multiple accounts in AdSense iOS app to monitor revenue from many accounts. This may be required in many cases like managing clients or family members. The only thing not allowed is to apply or get multiple AdSense account for a single personal and generating invalid click by any means. It is easy for Google to track down the origin of each click and compare the data to check the legitimacy.

Click Pattern

Google Detects Invalid AdSense Clicks

Besides all the above factors click pattern will clearly indicate whether it is intentional or artificial click over the period of time. For example, assuming your site is getting 1000 visitor per day with more than 50% traffic from US. If the click pattern shows 90% clicks are received outside of US it is clear case for suspicion though it could be real. But it can’t continue for long time, which will indicate Google that the publisher itself arranges the clicks.

Google also tracks the browsing pattern of the users to display interest-based ads. Continuous clicking of ads from a single computer can easily be tracked by Google using cookies, IP and ISP. Even you delete browser cache, the geographical click pattern will clearly indicate the origin of clicks. If you can see the origin of traffic down to the city level in Google Analytics, Google can well use their own data to find invalid clicks.

This is a simple rule to find the illegitimate activities on the site. Click Through Rate or CTR is the ratio of number click to number of page views in percentage term. Consider the below example for a month:

Number of click – 300

Number of page views – 1000

Monthly CTR = (300/1000)*100 = 30%

30% CTR means every 3 out of 10 users should click one ad which can happen few days legitimately but definitely will not happen over few months. Since this will directly affect the advertisers who pay money to Google through their AdWords account, AdSense accounts with high CTR will be under scrutiny before getting banned.
Traffic Source

This is one of the tricky points; today a site can’t exist without promoting through social media. With every social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have their own search engine and advertising programs they are direct competitors to Google. From AdSense perspective, it is recommended to monitor the traffic ratio of a site closely. Receiving large number of clicks from social referrals indicates Google that it could be an inflated clicks from the publisher’s own friends and circles.

Besides social media, publishers tend to use traffic or click exchanges to increase the traffic. This is completely against AdSense policies and getting more traffic without appropriate search ranking is a clear indication in the direction of account ban.
Ad Placement on the Page

It is not always necessary to generate invalid clicks from external sources like click exchanges and bots. There are other means of visually motivating users to click by placing ads nearer to images and displaying “Click Here” type of text messages above the ad. Google AdSense bot crawls each page (similar to search bot) to grasp the content in order to serve relevant ads. With highly sophisticated crawling mechanism finding out such a silly techniques is rather not a real task for Google.

These are some of the ideas how Google could track down the invalid AdSense clicks to protect advertiser’s money. With one of most used search engines Google could rather have many other mechanisms to easily validate a click. Hence, instead of spending time on such illegitimate techniques follow the some simple and acceptable guidelines to improve your AdSense revenue.


Campus Gist / Auchi Polytechnic Expels Sug President, 2 Others For Misconduct by Nollyrex(m): 12:36pm On 11 Nov 2017
The Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, on Monday, announced the expulsion from the institution of a former Students Union President (SUG), Mr Samson Okoduwa, and two others for misconduct.

The expulsion is contained in a statement signed by the institution’s Public Relations Officer, Mr Mustapha Oshiobugie, and made available to journalists in Benin.

Acting Rector of the Polytechnic, Dr Sanusi Jimah, according to the statement, also announced the expulsion of a former General Secretary and Speaker of the SUG, Obukowho Favour Oghenerume and Unuareleokpa Patrick respectively.

The trio had last month at a media briefing in Benin accused the rector of corruption, deployment of vigilance men on campus and attempt to anoint a candidate as the SUG president of the school with his refusal to organise a SUG election weeks after their tenure had expired.

However, in the statement released by the federal polytechnic on Monday, the acting Rector said the trio still went about impersonating themselves as Union officials even with the knowledge that the institution’s authority had banned union activities in the polytechnic.

Jimah also stated that the trio still led hoodlums to disrupt the first paper of the second-semester examinations and refused to hand over union property in their possession.

The Acting Rector said the expelled students engaged themselves in series of activities that brought disrepute to the institution.

Jambites Den/Jamb News / Jamb News: 2018/2019 Utme To Start On March 9 To 17. by Nollyrex(m): 11:06pm On 11 Nov 2017
The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has said the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination in 2018 will hold from March 9 to March 17 in about 620 computer-based test centres nationwide. The JAMB Registrar, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, who said this during a stakeholders’ meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, noted that the board had prohibited items such as “wristwatches, any form of pen, while eyeglasses would also be scrutinised.” Oloyede said the UTME date was chosen “taking into cognizance the dates of other public examinations,” adding that an optional mock examination would hold between January 22 and 27. The JAMB registrar said each UTME application form would be sold for N5,000. Oloyede said, “The board has commenced its plans and programmes for the 2018 UTME and Direct Entry in earnest. The two processes, including applicants from foreign countries, will run concurrently. “The proposed date for the 2018 UTME is from March 9 to 17. On the accreditation of computer- based test centres, the results of the different levels of inspection and accreditation would determine the centres participating in the 2018 exercise. So far, about 620 CBT centres have been pencilled in and they would be allowed to register candidates. “In the UTME, the board will also introduce electronic jammers at all the CBT centres. In addition to telephone and other materials at examination venues, the following items such as wristwatches and any form of pens are prohibited. Eyeglasses are also to be scrutinised. “It is proposed that the sale of forms would commence in November and end in January spanning a period of two months as against one month in the 2017 exercise. “The board has introduced the mock examination to test the readiness of the candidates and only candidates who register for the Mock by December 2017 will be eligible. But the mock is optional. We have also proposed that the mock examination takes place between March 9 and 17 2018. In proposing these dates, the board takes into consideration the dates of other public examinations.” The registrar said 160 units of computers had been purchased to enhance the conduct of the 2018 UTME for prison inmates in Ikoyi, Lagos State, and Kaduna State. “The UTME will be conducted in Benin Republic, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, South Africa, the Gambia, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. The examination will also be conducted in Kaduna and Ikoyi Prisons, where the sums of N18m and N10.8m were provided respectively to buy 100 and 60 units of computer accordingly,” the registrar noted.

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